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Blinn alumnus earns two associate’s degrees thanks to reverse transfer initiative

David De Sousa began his college career at Blinn – Bryan in 1999

September 26, 2014

David De SousaDavid De Sousa (Brazil) holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees and is months away from earning his Ph.D., but that didn’t stop him from adding two associate’s degrees from Blinn College to his repertoire.

After all, he’d already earned the degree – he just hadn’t realized it.

De Sousa began his college career in 1999 at the Blinn – Bryan campus because of its small class sizes and accessible faculty. After transferring, he earned his bachelor’s degree in agricultural development from Texas A&M University and his master’s degree from Texas Women’s University.

This summer, he received associate’s degrees in science and agriculture thanks to a simple process known as “reverse transferring.”

Blinn, which transfers more students to four-year universities than any other two-year college in the state, is encouraging former students who took at least 21 hours at the College to explore their eligibility for an associate’s degree based on the courses they have already completed.

“I always wanted to get an associate’s degree from Blinn. I’m so glad I found out about reverse transfer,” said De Sousa, regional transfer recruitment advisor for Texas A&M. “I thought it would be very important to get an associate’s to show that I can follow through, and when I tell students that it’s important, I can prove it.”

To be eligible, students must have completed 21 hours of coursework from Blinn toward their degree plan and fulfill all graduation requirements. To check eligibility, students should contact their four-year institution and request that their transcript be sent to Blinn, then visit Blinn’s graduation website to complete the reverse transfer graduation application.

Blinn will then conduct a degree audit to verify the student’s eligibility. Eligible students may receive their degree with the next graduating class. If additional coursework is required, Blinn will inform the students which courses are needed to complete the degree.

“A two-year degree can definitely open doors to career opportunities,” De Sousa said. “In my current position, I encourage students to seek their associate’s. Some students may think they need a four-year degree, but in many cases a two-year degree can get them where they want to go.”

Kristi Reddoch, Blinn’s graduation coordinator, said she receives several hundred transcripts each semester from students seeking their associate’s degree through the reverse transfer graduation process.

“I encourage anyone who has come to Blinn to look over their transcripts and apply for graduation,” Reddoch said. “Sometimes life happens and students may not be able to earn their bachelor’s degree quite yet, but they may have already earned their associate’s and just didn’t know it. An associate’s degree is a great addition to any resume, regardless of a student’s education or career background.”

For additional information on the reverse transfer program, call the Blinn College Registrar’s Office at 979-830-4140.