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September 20, 2013

Blinn SBDC advisors recognized for aiding small business owners

Center has helped create 42 new businesses, 241 jobs in past two years

University of Houston Small Business Development CenterBlinn College’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) was recently recognized by the University of Houston SBDC Network for aiding small business owners in Washington, Colorado and Austin counties.

The Blinn SBDC was recognized for its strong client relationships, which resulted in the center being one of just three SBDC locations in the network to receive greater than 50 percent feedback on its annual client survey.

Business Advisor John Tatum was honored as the second-highest job producer in the network after using his expertise to help his clients generate an additional 148 jobs, and Client Coordinator Carol Doersom was recognized as one of the network’s top coordinators.

Blinn SBDC Director Matthew Wehring said the center traditionally receives a high rate of return on its client satisfaction surveys due to the close and continuing relationship the SBDC staff cultivates with its clients.

Over the past two years, Blinn’s SBDC has helped its clients create 42 new businesses and 241 new jobs, and acquire $5.72 million in loans.

“Because we work in a small market, it’s very important for us to maintain a strong relationship with our clients and help them with their projects for years to come,” Wehring said. “As a result, they’re often willing to assist us by filling out a quick survey.”

Tatum, who has worked at the Blinn SBDC for almost 15 years, specializes in conducting market research, creating financial projections and performing feasibility studies, and helps clients package their loan requests in a way that meets all the lender’s criteria.

Tatum’s recognition was based upon the new jobs he has helped generate, the new businesses established and the business loans and expansions his expertise has helped make possible. He earned this recognition despite competing against SBDC advisors in far larger communities.

“John is very analytical, he’s very detail-oriented and he knows his job inside and out,” Wehring said.

Doersom specializes in business marketing, helping clients develop advertising strategies and marketing slogans, then carrying those ideas over to the company’s website.

“Carol is outstanding at building strong relationships with our clients and helping them to develop equally strong relationships with their customers,” Wehring said.

The SBDC at Blinn College is a business consulting and training center that is part of the University of Houston Small Business Development Center Network, which serves 32 counties in Southeast Texas. The center provides free one-on-one consulting and low-cost training seminars. For more information, visit

PHOTO – University of Houston Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network Executive Director Mike Young (second from right) presents (from left) Blinn SBDC Director Matthew Wehring, Consultant John Tatum and Client Coordinator Carol Doersom with notices of recognition for their work to aid small business owners in Washington, Colorado and Austin counties.