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January 13, 2011

Athletic Director’s Honor Roll includes record 96 Blinn students

A record 96 student-athletes at Blinn College have been named to the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll, posting a 3.0 or better grade point average (GPA) for the fall 2010 semester.  Their combined GPA was an impressive 3.41, with eight earning a perfect 4.0 GPA’s.  To be eligible, student-athletes must have passed a minimum of 12 hours and maintained a GPA of 3.0 or above. 

Baseball players Garrett Logan, Kevin Hahn and Jake Kane, along with softball players Sara Vaughn and Alyssa Vordenbaum, dance team members Stephanie Farrer and Lauren White, and cheer team member Jessica Womack had perfect 4.0 GPA’s.  For Vaughn and Farrer, this was the third consecutive semester to make the honor roll with a 4.0 GPA.

The baseball program posted the most students to the honor roll with 22, followed by football with 19, softball with 13, and women’s basketball with 12. Cheer and dance had 11 and ten, respectively. There were seven volleyball players, three men’s basketball players and one trainer.

Helping the student-athletes achieve this academic success is athletic advisor Chad Tolman, who oversees the Buccaneer Learning Center and counsels the student-athletes during their time at Blinn.

"All of our student-athletes spend countless hours in study hall and in the Learning Center to improve their overall performance in the classroom," said Tolman.  "This is a great group of student-athletes that worked extremely hard and truly deserve this honor."

According to athletic director David Rehr, it’s a great opportunity to showcase their performance inside the classroom, since that is their primary purpose as a Blinn College student.
"It’s such an honor to be able to recognize our student-athletes for their accomplishments in the classroom," said Rehr.  "We’re able to see how they perform as athletes in their sport, but they all work equally as hard as students to achieve their academic goals."

Fall 2010 Honor Roll Student-Athletes by Sport:

Baseball (22)
Aaron Smith, Josh Faust, David Rumsey, Johnny Garcia, Eric Preuss, Lee Newman, Matt Baca, Kegan Banks, Kevin Daniels, Markus Carr, Justin Beck, Tyler Boss, Dylan Neal, Eric Johnson, Josh Dean, Chris Muellner, Chad Logan, Ethan Logan, Garrett Staudt, Garrett Logan, Kevin Hahn, Jake Kane

Football (19)
Shane Alexander, David Chapman, Nick Coghlan, Kyle Doll, Alex Elkins, Tarlton Holloway, Chase Hover, Erik Mathews, Shaun Rutherford, Jarvon Searcy, Auston Shiply, Chase Terry, James Stinson, Julian Kennedy, Jevon Neal, Justin Tuggle, Garrett Langthorpe, Sean Robertson, Jon Dimas

Softball (13)
Brittany Arredondo, Tara Bell, Michelle Downing, Jalyn Erwin, Ryann Jones, Brittany Krchnak, Nicole Mack, Lyndsey Marik, Michelle Svehla, Jocylynn Tacquard, Sara Vaughn, Alyssa Vordenbaum, Alex Yarbrough

Women’s Basketball (12)
Teylor Seals, Chastity Young, Valencia White, Audrise Harrison, Marquesha Sparks, Kristina Fabian, Joslinn Douglas, Alycea Price, Meclascia Turner, Denise White, Marqui Hodges, Alexes Price

Cheerleaders (11)
Tracy Rosas, Macy Glaesman, Jessica Womack, Lindsey Goode, Kylie Farrel, Lezli Zbranck, Arielle Adams, Courtney Comeaux, Jillian Schultz, Heather Journey, Courtney Rab

Dance (10)
Lizell Lauron, Stephanie Farrer, Danielle Moffett, Leanne Brooks, Shari Pendegrast, Lexi Berisal, Sandra Dela Garza, Sarah Drews, Rebecca Esparza, Lauren White

Volleyball (6)
Tereza Chudobova, Shelby Dickson, Jacki Gerig, Courtni Bauer, Patti Bradshaw, Morgan Millburn

Men’s Basketball (3)
C.J. Smith, Felipe Vezaro, Rasi Jenkins