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Contact With the Media: Steps to Take

The media relations professionals at Blinn College routinely work with media outlets across the region and around the country to help the College communicate a consistent message and present itself and our employees as exceptional and worthy of media coverage.

The Marketing and Communications Department works to proactively pitch stories to the media and quickly respond when attention arises for an interview with an expert at Blinn or a formal comment on the record. Our job is to help ensure that our faculty, staff, students and our College name will be represented accurately and fairly and that, to the greatest extent possible, we maintain positive relationships with any media outlet that might come calling.

On occasion, members of the media may contact you directly. Most of our regular reporters know not to approach faculty or staff directly, but on occasion you may receive direct media contact without first hearing from Blinn’s media relations team.

When the media do contact you: You should not agree to an interview, or even an informal conversation. Instead, let them know that someone from Blinn will be back in touch with them promptly. Gather the following information, and then politely end the conversation. Anything said to a reporter is on the record, however innocent, informal or casual the conversation may seem. End the call or conversation without answering questions or carrying on the discussion, then contact Jeff Tilley (Brenham/Schulenburg/Sealy) or Rich Bray (Bryan).

Steps to take:

1. WHAT:

Ask what they want to cover.

2. WHEN:

Ask when their deadline is.

3. THEN:



Jeff Tilley - Brenham/Schulenburg/Sealy


Rich Bray - Bryan
979-209-7285 -


Under severe deadline pressure, should you fail to reach either, call the Office of Marketing and Communications: 979-830-4113.

When you contact us, we will ask you what the reporter asked for and what their deadline is. Then we will contact the reporter for “next steps.” There are circumstances where the College may not accept interviews on a given topic, or when the terms or structure of the interview will need to be set in advance. These controls are put in place to ensure our faculty, staff and students are reflected in the best possible light and that the College is accurately and fairly reported upon, regardless of the subject of the interview.

Dealing with the media can be rewarding, and it can also be tricky—Jeff and Rich are here to help. They are your first call when you receive media contact.

Thank you for your outstanding, newsworthy work at Blinn. It’s a pleasure to help tell the stories about the educational excellence you achieve here every day.