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International Student Admission Steps

The Blinn College District is only eligible through SEVIS to issue I-20’s to F-1 Visa applicants and students. Other visa types may enroll, but may have specific requirements and restrictions.

Students can now submit admissions items via their myBLINN portal under the Admissions Forms icon. Some documents are temporarily accepted via the portal, but official documents will be required once the student arrives for the start of the term. See details about submission requires below.

Contact the International Student Office if you have questions while completing the process:

All new students must apply to the College District. Blinn utilizes the ApplyTexas application system, also referred to as the Texas Common Application. Once a student has created an account, the student should choose the two-year application, then select Blinn College.

Blinn no longer accepts a paper application. All applicants must apply through ApplyTexas.

Submit the Apply Texas Application for the term for which you wish to receive your I-20. If the F-1 International Admissions deadline has passed for this term, we recommend you submit the application for the next available Fall or Spring term. F-1 students are only accepted for Fall or Spring terms. Submitting an application does not guarantee you will receive a Form I-20, you must complete the international admissions requirements by the admissions deadline to receive a Form I-20.

Make sure the name on your Apply Texas application matches the name as it appears on your passport.

International students who do not need an F-1 visa do not have an admissions deadline, but must complete the admissions process by the registration deadline. See Academic Calendar.

  • New F-1 Students: Students who do not currently have a visa but are seeking the F-1 visa to study at Blinn College. Applicants applying from their home country typically fall into this category. This also includes students that previously had an I-20 but it is no longer active.
  • Transfer F-1 Students: Students who are currently enrolled at another U.S. institution and have a valid F-1 student visa. This also includes students transferring directly to Blinn from an authorized English language institute (ELI) or U.S. high school.
  • Co-Enrolled International Students: International students with an unexpired I-20 who wish to take one or more courses at Blinn College while remaining in full-time status at another college or university on an F-1 visa.
  • Other Visa Type Students: International students who hold a different visa type beyond F-1; such as F-2, E-2, J-2, H-4. B-visa holders are not able to enroll under an active B-visa status and must change to a different visa status prior to enrolling in classes. Each visa type may have specific restrictions and regulations depending on the nature of the visa.
  • Pending Asylum Students: Individuals who have an I-589 Application for Asylum pending with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Submit the initial admissions requirements by the admissions deadline for your term in order to receive a Form I-20. Documents submitted after the admissions deadline will automatically be processed for the next available term.

Submit the Following Documents Via Your myBLINN Portal:

Click the Admissions Forms Icon on your myBLINN Portal to submit admissions documents securely. We will not accept the documents below by email.

  • Passport
  • Bacterial Meningitis Shot Record
  • Unofficial High School transcript - (official final high school transcript required at time of arrival)
  • Unofficial College transcript – (official college transcript required at time of arrival, unless official transcript needed for a pre-requisite)
  • Unofficial Confirmation of Financial Resources – (official wet signed bank documents required at time of arrival)

Submitting official transcripts:

  1. In person at Enrollment Services Counter- Original documents with original signatures, stamps, and country seals can be submitted in person. We will make copies and return the documents to directly. Color copies are not accepted as official transcripts
  2. School to School- Foreign school officials can email the official transcripts to the International Student Programs office at . Please note that our email server can quarantine emails from foreign emails, and we never receive it. We recommend that school official include the student on the email as well to ensure we receive the email.
  3. Mail -Foreign transcripts and international admission documents should be mailed directly to International Student Programs rather than Admissions for processing.

UPS, FedEx, or DHL send to this address:
Blinn College
International Student Admissions
2423 Blinn Blvd.
Bryan, TX 77802

U.S. Postal Services send to this address:
Blinn College
International Admissions Office
P.O. Box 6030
Bryan, TX 77805

All F-1 students must meet the minimum English proficiency requirements before receiving their Form I-20. We have expanded the English proficiency requirements for the Spring 2023 term so students can find a test that meet their needs.

Accepted English Proficiency Tests and Minimum Requirements

Test Minimum Requirements Test Info: Results Available
Duolingo English Test 95 Use these instructions to share results: Search Blinn College District 48 hours
IELTS 5.5 IELTS Academic & Online accepted Search for School: Blinn College Address: International Student Program office P.O. Box 6030 Bryan, TX 77805 (E-delivery service accepted) Paper test- 13 days IELTS Online ? 3-5 days Due to high demand it could take 14-21 days for mail
iTEP Academic-Plus 3.5 24 hours
Pearson PTE 44 Search: Blinn College District 48 hours
TOEFL iBT 61 iBT Academic test only, TOEFL Essential not accepted. Send using destination code: 6043 Blinn College ETS Data Manager Accepted 4-8 days in ETS Data Manager 14 -21 days mail

You may be exempt from the English proficiency requirements if:

  • You are an F-1 visa student seeking to co-enroll at the Blinn College District while attending another institution.
  • You are exempt from taking the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment test based on your SAT or ACT scores. See the TSI exemptions list .
  • You transferred to the Blinn College District from a regionally accredited private or independent institution of higher education and have received a C or better in English 1301. Credit for English 1301 from a foreign institution will not be accepted as an exemption for English proficiency requirements.
  • You are from a country whose native language is English. See Approved Country Exemption List

Note: English proficiency requirements do not take the place of the Texas Success Initiatives (TSI) assessment and do not exempt students from having to take the TSI assessment. Please see

The Blinn Admissions website for TSI requirements .

All students must submit original official transcripts (mark sheets) and graduation certificate or diploma showing completion of high school requirements.

If you attended university – level classes, you must submit all college and university transcripts.

Please send all foreign transcripts to the International Student Programs office for processing. See instructions under the “Submitting Requirements” section.

Official transcripts must:

  • Be an original document or a certified photocopy that bears the original seal of the awarding institution.
  • Bear the original seal of the awarding institution or be certified by a U.S. Embassy/ consulate or by the Ministry of Education in your home country.
  • It is preferred that it is in English; however, if not in English must be accompanied by a certified English translation.
  • Faxes, scanned/images, uncertified copies, emailed copies, or online/e-issued transcripts received from the student are NOT accepted as official transcripts.
  • If sent electronically, must be sent directly from the issuing institution to the International Student Program office.

Note: International students can submit unofficial transcripts through the myBlinn portal but will still need to submit official transcripts once they arrive in the United States. Students are able to attend one long semester without submitting an official transcript. Failure to submit an official transcript will result in a hold preventing future registration and the release of Blinn College District transcripts.

Students must show proof of financial resources to cover the cost of one academic year in the United States. This includes being able to cover the cost of tuition, living expenses, books, and travel. We must collect evidence of the student’s financial ability before issuing the I-20. All students regardless of their resources must confirm the same amount. See the Cost of Attendance page for the instructions on how to complete this requirement and to download the Confirmation of Financial Resource form for easy completion.

Financial Resource Document Requirements :

  • Must be dated within 6 months of the start of the intended term.
  • Must be in USD or show a confirmed conversion to USD by the bank official.
  • Must contain a specific amount of funds available (cannot be estimated figures or general terms such as "more than", "well above", or "seven figures").
  • Must be personal available funds and cannot be company assets, bonds, property, or investments.
  • Bank statements are not accepted unless they contain a bank official's signature/stamp and business card.

We are currently accepting unofficial financial documents online with the understanding that the original wet signed documents must be submitted by the beginning of the term.

Please checkback soon for additional resources regarding accepted high school complete documents by country.  If you have specific questions about what is accepted for your country, please email