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Meal Plans

Residence Halls - Effective 2013-2014

Prices Subject to change

Meal Plan


Full Meal Plan $1450.00
Residence Hall Plan (Required for Residence Halls) $850.00
Apartment Meal Plan (Required for Apartments) $525.00
Mini-Semester $175.00
Summer Apartment $200.00
Summer Residence Hall $260.00
Additional money can be added to a meal plan  

Residents are required to purchase a meal plan.  Students must present their ID card to the cashier and swipe it through the card reader for each meal. Residence Halls students may choose from a $1450 or $850 declining balance plan. Apartment students may choose between a $1450, $850, or $525 declining balance plan. All plans may be used in the Dining Hall or Cove. There is no refund or carry over for meal money not used by the end of the semester.

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