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Blinn College Policy/Procedure Information

Two types of policies governing the operation of Blinn College:

Board Legal Policies contain provisions from Federal and State statutes and regulations, case law, and other legal authority. These legally referenced policies are mandated by law and cannot be revised. Their purpose is to ensure Blinn College is in compliance with the ever-changing laws governing higher education; and

Board Local Policies are created/revised by Blinn personnel but generally shall be recommended for the Board’s consideration by the District President. Their purpose is to localize the Legal Policies with specific information relating to Blinn College

Administrative Procedures are created/revised by Blinn personnel and approved by Executive Council. Their purpose is to provide procedural guidelines for carrying out the governance policies set forth by the Board.


Blinn College Board Legal and Local Policies are maintained by the Policy On Line service of the Texas Association of Schools Boards (TASB). As necessary by legislation, TASB presents Blinn with policy updates, which must be reviewed by Administration for compliance with accreditation regulations, as well as, conformity to current practices/capabilities. The Legal Policies of these updates must be adopted without revision. The Local Policies of these updates can be added, deleted, changed as suggested by TASB, or further revised by Blinn as needed.

Policy Updates from TASB include clarification of existing materials and new legal materials arising from administrative action and legislation each year that affect the governance and management of Texas community colleges. The updates also include changes resulting from a multi-phase comprehensive review of the manual intended to better reflect the current state of the law applying to community colleges, to enhance readability, and to reflect common practices across colleges. The TASB Explanatory Notes for the most current updates are as follows:

TASB Update 29 Explanatory Notes (2014)
TASB Update 28 Explanatory Notes (2013)

Some policies from the updates are adopted as is, further revised or not adopted at all, so watch the Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes for the most accurate reflection of Board action pertaining to policies.

In order to revise a Board Local Policy or an Administrative Procedure, you must complete the Policy Request Form and submit to Rebecca Ruffino. Board Local Policy revisions will be placed on the next available Board meeting agenda for approval and Administrative Procedure revisions will be presented at the next available Executive Council meeting for approval.

Policies/Procedures are organized by the following sections:
A - Basic District Foundations
B - Local Governance     
C-  Business and Support Services
D - Personnel
E - Instruction
F - Students     
G - Community and Governmental Relations   

Board policy sections are preceded by a table of contents and a comprehensive cross-index.

Exhibits (found among Board legal and local policies) are forms/notices mandated by law to assist in the implementation of policy. These are like Board legal policies in that they are not formally adopted by the Board.

Dates on Administrative Procedures reflect the actual effective/last revision date. Dates on Board Legal and Local Policies ONLY reflect TASB’s internal notes for issue or update. Board Local Policies are effective immediately upon adoption from the Blinn College Board of Trustees.

Both College District official Board Policy and Administrative Procedure Manuals are maintained by Government & Public Affairs. If you have any questions concerning policy/procedure, please contact Rebecca Ruffino at 979-830-4114.