Approximate EMT Program Cost

Approximate EMT Program Cost
Tuition and Fees (Out of District, In-State) - 7hrs $1,106.00
Allied Health Program Fee $300.00
EMS Fees – Scheduling & Liability  $63.00
Book: Prehospital Emergency Care 10th Ed. $141.35
Clinical & Lab Software (FISDAP) $63.00
Clinical Packet – Copy Stop $25.00
Castle Branch – Background Check & Drug Screen  $88.40
Uniform Polo – Program Purchase  $30.00
Uniform T-shirt – Program Purchase $10.00 optional
Uniform: Pants/Boots/Belt – various retailers $85.00 cost is approximate
Required Immunizations prices will vary depending on items needed

Refer to immunization requirements:

   Students should have all immunizations completed by the first day of class

Approximate Total $1911.75
National Registry Test $70.00 after successful course completion
DSHS $64.00 after successful course completion
Fingerprinting-DSHS $44.20 after successful course completion
Total $178.20

*This approximation is based on EMS Program costs only, and does not; include tuition for additional academic classes. Prices are subject to change without notification.

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