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Counseling Services

TSI Assessment

Many students that will attend Blinn College will need to have their skills in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics assessed prior to enrolling in college level coursework.  As of August 26, 2013 Blinn College will use the TSI Assessment (TSIA) to determine the proper placement in coursework based on the student’s skills in the respected area. 

The TSI ASSESSMENT is a computerized test to be taken in three tests:
(Full testing can take up to 4-5 hours)

  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Writing

Where necessary, you may be given an additional diagnostic test in a particular subject.  This test is designed to provide more detailed information regarding your academic strengths, and weakness.    This will allow advisors to place the student in the proper coursework to enable the student to be successful in their academic pursuits. 

  • For more information on the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) please click here.
  • To view TSI exemptions (Do I need to take a placement test?) please click here.

Taking the Test
In order to take the TSIA students will need to complete:  

When paying and checking in with the testing center the student must have the below listed information; if the student does not have the information the student will not be able to take the test. 

  • Proof of the Pre Assessment Activity
  • A Photo ID and receipt of payment

Do NOT bring:

  • Food or Drink
  • Cell Phones
  • Calculators or any electronic devices
  • Backpacks, large bags, or purses
  • Hats/Caps

If you bring any of the above listed devices they will be checked and taken up.

Students with Disabilities:
If you have a documented disability and need test accommodations, contact the Office of Disability Services before scheduling your assessment.