Career Counseling

Career Assessments

This online assessment explores interests by asking you to consider how you feel about completing certain types of work activities. Your responses should be given based on instinct and initial reaction to the work activity.

With your Career Finder results, you will be able to:

  • Identify careers that best fit your interests and preparation level (how much education you're willing to complete)
  • Research each career in your top results to learn more about what you do on the job, necessary skills, and the level of education needed in addition to projected industry growth and average salary
  • Explore similar career options and related industries for even more opportunities

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Texas Career Check Interest Profiler

This is a fun activity to do before exploring the world of work. Take a few minutes to answer the questions to identify occupations relevant to your likes and interests. Results will lead you to a list of occupations for you to explore.

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The goal of career counseling is to help with career planning, the decision-making process, implementation of a career choice, and career adjustment.

Career assessments can help identify your unique interests, strengths, personality, and values. While no test will provide definitive answers about what job or career to pursue, they can be helpful as part of a general self-analysis or confirm your chosen major.

How To Get Started

  1. Take the career assessments (information below) and print out the results.
  2. Schedule an appointment with a counselor on your campus.
  3. Explore your new opportunities!


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