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Students Responsibilities


  • If I register/add a class on or after the official first day of class, I shall incur financial obligation even if I withdraw immediately.  I must cancel my registration/drop unwanted classes prior to the official first day of class to avoid financial obligation. 
  • I understand that I shall not receive a bill and that all charges due will appear on the Records Tab in my myBlinn account.  When adding classes and/or making other changes to my class schedule, it is particularly important to check my account for revised charges.  Call 979-830-4000 or 979-209-7200 if you have questions with your bill.
  • I am responsible for determining my required payment amounts for securing my registration as well as understanding the payment due dates, deadlines, and penalties for all charges assessed to my account, including non-registration charges. 
  • It is my responsibility to secure my registration by paying the required payment in full on or before applicable payment dates, which are given on the printable Blinn Academic Calendar.  Additional information regarding payment is available at the Business Office’s “Paying My Tuition” page.
  • I understand additional information regarding Financial Aid and Scholarships as a source for payment may be found at  I understand financial aid and/or scholarships will not hold my registration until that aid is said to be “authorized”.  I further understand it is my responsibility to determine if my aid has been authorized and, if not, make other arrangements for holding my class (full payment or payment plan).
  • I understand that if my required payment is not posted to my account by the posted time/due date, my enrollment will be cancelled and my classes will be released. 
  • I acknowledge that if I have an unpaid balance at the end of any semester, my account at Blinn College will be on hold.  I shall not be allowed to register for additional classes at Blinn College nor will I be allowed to obtain an official transcript from Blinn College until my balance is paid in full.  If my account is assigned to collection at a third party agency, I agree to pay all costs associated with that collection effort.
  • I acknowledge that Blinn College utilizes a third party provider, Bank Mobile, to process all refunds and I agree to follow the procedures set forth by Blinn College and Bank Mobile to expedite the refund process.