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BankMobile Refunds


Blinn College has partnered with BankMobile to deliver your student refund in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.  Students can choose three free refund choices:

  • Direct deposit to an existing bank account of the student’s choice.
  • Paper check mailed to the student’s permanent address,
  • Open an online bank account with BankMobile called a Vibe account.


All of these initial choices are without cost to our students.  For more information about BankMobile, go to

Upon your initial registration at Blinn College, you will receive a green envelope from BankMobile at your permanent address.  It contains a personal code that is entered at  About a week later, BankMobile will send a follow up email, containing the personal code, to the student’s Blinn College email address.  Either code can be used to set up a student’s refund preference, that code is not time or date sensitive.  Follow the directions on the BankMobile website to make your refund preference.

If you did not receive the green envelope, and you want to make a refund selection, email for assistance.  For more information about making a refund choice, follow this link.

Availability of student refunds

On refund days, Blinn College transfers funds to BankMobile for disbursement to our students.  How quickly you get your refund depends upon the method you chose.

  • Direct deposit takes one to two business days to process to your bank account.
  • Paper check takes seven business days to reach your permanent address by mail.
  • Online deposit to a Vibe account takes place the same day refunds are issued.


If you do not make a refund preference, BankMobile will send you a paper check after 21 days.  If you do not want to wait for your refund, make sure you have made a refund preference with BankMobile. 

Your Guide to Unlocking Refunds (PDF)