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1098-T Tuition Statements

PLEASE NOTE: 1098-Ts were mailed the week of January 26th.

The 1098-T provides a detail of tuition and fees billed in accordance with the 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act.
The IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education, can help you answer many of your questions regarding your educational tax benefits.  Click here to access the publication.  The most current IRS Publication 970 was produced in 2013.

Blinn College reports qualified tuition and educational expenses billed to the student in a calendar year.   Due to the provisions of FERPA, Blinn College cannot provide 1098-T information to parents or to tax preparers.  Students can access their tax information through the ECSI website, and may pass it along as necessary.

New in 2014

Under IRS guidelines, the social security number on the paper 1098-T may truncated on the paper form that is mailed to the student.

2014 1098-T Information

  • 1098-Ts for tax year 2014 will be mailed to students permanent addresses by January 31, 2015.
  • 2014 1098-T information has been posted online at Students can print a copy of their 1098-T if they want it before they receive their mailed 1098-T.
  • The login page is ; to login, the student needs the following three pieces of information:
      • School code: HG
      • Account number:  SSN without dashes
      • Password:  PIN number as assigned by ECSI
      • To obtain your PIN number, call ECSI at 866-428-1098.  Blinn College does not have your PIN number

The password and the school code are mailed with the paper 1098-T.  To obtain a password by phone, the student should call ECSI on the ECSI 1098-T hotline, 866-428-1098.  Blinn College does not have access to the students’ ECSI password  / PIN number.  For this reason, Blinn College cannot provide reprints of 1098-Ts.  The student can reprint their 1098-T from the ECSI website.

Prior year 1098-T Information

  • ECSI also maintains 1098-T files online for tax years 2006 – 2012.  To obtain a 1098-T in this time period, follow the directions for obtaining a 2013 1098-T as given above.  For tax years before 2006, contact the Blinn College Business office for further details. 

Tax preparation

  • Blinn College does not provide assistance in the preparation of tax returns. Questions regarding the usage of 1098-Ts in a tax return need to be directed to the student’s tax preparer.
  • Blinn College reports qualified tuition and educational expenses billed for academic credit for the calendar year of 2014 to the IRS. This means that the tuition applicable to all academic terms in 2014 is what is reported on the 1098-T. It also includes amounts billed in 2014 for future academic terms such as what occurs in the fall of 2014 when a student registers for the Spring Term of 2015.
  • Examples of qualified tuition are tuition, general fee, and course fees.  Expenses that are NOT qualified educational expenses are vehicle registration fees, meal plans, or dormitory charges.
  • Blinn College does not report the actual amounts of tuition and fees paid in 2014. The IRS gives Blinn College a choice in how it reports qualified tuition and educational expenses; the billed method lets Blinn College report accurate and consistent information from year to year.

For more information
Any questions relating to Blinn College's 1098-Ts should be directed to Rebecca Marshall; her email address is or she can be reached by telephone at 979-830-4287.