BucPay Online Payment System

The BucPay system is the Blinn College District’s online payment gateway hosted by Nelnet Financial Solutions. Students access BucPay by logging into myBLINN and choosing the blue “Pay My Bill” icon located about halfway down the web page. It may be necessary to scroll down the page to locate the icon.

The first time a student visits the Nelnet webpage, they will be required to create a profile, set up payment options, and invite others to BucPay who will make payments on behalf of the student (Authorized Payers).

Features of BucPay

Payment by Term

In conjunction with PayGo, where student classes can be dropped in a specific term for non-payment, BucPay allows payment by term. BucPay will present all balances with terms, and students are prompted to choose the term and amount which they want to pay. At the present time, payment only is available in one term per session; if a student needs to pay in more than one term, a separate session is required to pay additional terms.

Prior to payment by term, students could only pay their total, net balance. As a result, it is possible that a student could be presented with a term that shows a credit balance and a term that shows a positive balance; with a net account balance of zero. If that happens, please contact the Business Office by phone at 979-830-6498 or by email at payments@blinn.edu.

Multiple Payers

Students can set up as many Authorized Payers through their student profile in BucPay as they wish. For example, this would allow a grandparent to make a 50% payment on a student’s term balance, and a parent could pay the other 50%. Both would need to be set up as authorized payers at Nelnet. There is no limit to the number of authorized payers that can be used to pay on a student term balance. However, if a student sets up a payment plan, only one authorized payer can pay on the payment plan.

For instructions on how to add an Authorized Payer, follow this link.

Partial Payments

To allow for multiple Authorized Payers to pay on one account, in one term, BucPay allows partial payments. A partial payment does not imply or create a payment plan. If PayGo is in operation, a partial payment will not hold classes from being dropped. Students who want to make a payment plan must choose to create a payment plan in the Nelnet payment gateway.


Students may receive an email notification from Nelnet that a billing statement is available for review and then payment in BucPay if they still have a term balance.