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June 25, 2011

Presidential search update

Douglas R. BorchardtDouglas R. Borchardt, search committee chair, Board of Trustees member

A number of key events are unfolding as the search moves forward to select Blinn’s 14th president.

Since my last update, our search firm Gold Hill Associates met with more than 120 Blinn stakeholders and constituents to develop our own, specific presidential profile.

The search committee reviewed the profile and presented it to the Blinn College Board of Trustees for approval at the end of May. The board approved the criteria/profile, which identifies more than a dozen preferred leadership characteristics. Preferred traits in the profile included: experience in a multicampus setting; understanding the role and mission of a diverse, comprehensive community college; a commitment to a strong student life program; a successful record of promoting partnerships and coali¬tions with business, government, public schools, senior colleges, universities and other groups.

The position was officially posted on June 2 and an ad was placed in the Chronicle of Higher Education on June 17.

Our next search committee meeting is scheduled for June 29. We plan to discuss the profile in more depth and determine which qualities the board should consider as "absolute" and which are considered “desirable.” We will also discuss a system of evaluating and ranking the candidates.

The search committee will meet again in July to review and narrow down the pool of applicants, with the goal of submitting a final list of 3-5 candidates to the board of trustees by August/September.

As always, please e-mail your input or suggestions about the presidential search to Becky Krebs ( On behalf of the search committee and the board of trustees, I thank you for your support and dedication to this most important process.