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Assessment Council Members

Linda Bow
Division of Humanities, Bryan Campus
Office: A-263, Phone: 979-209-7355
BS U Texas Tyler, summa cum laude, MA TAMU, PhD TAMU ABD. 10 years service at Blinn College and happy to be here!  







Amanda Chau
Division of Natural Sciences, Bryan Campus
Office: H-245, Phone: 979-209-7427
Amanda ChauAmanda has been a full-time faculty member at Blinn College since 2007 and teaches General Biology and General Botany. Before joining the faculty at Blinn, Amanda worked at Texas A&M University as a Postdoctoral Research Associate and a Lecturer for the Department of Entomology. Amanda believes that students and faculty learn best within a community that builds on mutual respect, values individual opinions, promotes teamwork, and encourages personal growth. She believes that faculty should make teaching visible and actively dialogue with colleagues. She is a founding member of the Wakonse group at Blinn that promotes open discussion among faculty on teaching and learning. She also believes that assessment should focus on improving student learning and institutional effectiveness. She has volunteered to serve as a member of the Assessment Council so that she may exchange new ideas on learning, assessment, and teaching with like-minded colleagues and thereby become a better teacher and learner. She also hopes to participate in an assessment movement that is both faculty driven and seeking to bring about changes and improvements from the course level to the institution level. When Amanda is not teaching or grading, she enjoys reading, playing board games and Wii games. She is a certified Master Naturalist and serves as the Training Committee chair for the Texas Master Naturalist- Brazos Valley Chapter. She enjoys volunteering with other Master Naturalists to enhance awareness and appreciation of our natural resources to the general public, and to also help collect data that will facilitate better management of our natural resources.

Her academic background and teaching interests can be found on her Blinn faculty webpage.


Sonia M. Gangotena
Division of Fine Arts, Bryan Campus
Office: H-234, Phone: 979-209-7291
Sonia M. GangotenaI enjoy life and learning and, wherever I go, I strive to bring some of this joy and light into the lives of others. Being an expert in small group communication, I am inclined to join groups and organizations where I can contribute to their growth and effective functioning. I serve as secretary of Blinn’s Assessment Council, and I am the facilitator of the Editorial Subcommittee for the Assessment Manual. I participate in other faculty and student organizations in various capacities and have taken pleasure in establishing and supporting different organizations, both at Blinn and at other colleges and universities where I have taught. One project in which I take great joy is the cofounding of the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador), where I developed the School of Communications. At the U. of Minnesota, I began my work in assessment by directing the instructional assessment for the Foreign Studies Degree Program which I established and presided over. More recently, as President of the School Board for the campuses of the Brazos School for Inquiry and Creativity, I have encouraged the development of sound assessment practices. In all that I have done, I have drawn heavily from my educational background: a Ph.D. and M.A. in Speech Communication from the University of Minnesota, a B.A. in Child Psychology and Nursery School Ed., and my education and training in counseling psychology which included a two year practicum in a Minneapolis based community clinic. Besides my 13 years at Blinn College - Bryan, I have taught at the following universities, Texas A&M, Houston, Minnesota-Minneapolis, Central Michigan, UNILID, and San Francisco de Quito. See detailed background information, business experience and honors in

Christy Gantt
Division of Applied Sciences, Bryan Campus
Office: H-117, Phone: 979-209-7514
Christy GanttA native Texan, Dr. Gantt earned bachelor’s and master's degree in environmental sciences from Texas A&M University, before doing a career change via master's and doctorate programs in Physical Therapy from Baylor University through the U.S. Army. Service in the military has taken her and her husband and five children all over the world, to both reside and just travel for fun. Now a resident of College Station, "I greatly enjoy the privilege of working with students and working at Blinn."



Robert Stanberry
Division of Social Science
Office: E-231, Phone: 979-209-7399
Robert Stanberry is the program coordinator of both the Legal Assistant and Criminal Justice programs and also has a law practice in College Station. He teaches a variety of legal-related subjects including Business Law, Legal Writing, Family Law, Introduction to Law and Contracts. In the past, he was a part-time instructor of Government at Blinn and Cy-Fair (now Lone Star) College. Mr. Stanberry holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Baylor University (Sic 'Em Bears!) and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Houston. Prior to his legal career, Mr. Stanberry was a history teacher and basketball coach in the Texas public schools. After participating in the Assessment workshops, where he received excellent ideas that he could implement into his classes, he joined the assessment council. The council provides an excellent opportunity to converse with outstanding people about education and can provide new, more efficient ideas for evaluation. These ideas can help Mr. Stanberry reach his goal of 100% student mastery of all course material. Service on the council will allow Mr. Stanberry to learn and spread what he learns to other educators.  

Theresa Wahrmund
Director of the Blinn TEACH Program, Parallel Studies, Brenham Campus
Office: A-01, Academic Building, Phone: 979-830-4429
Theresa WahrmundTheresa Wahrmund is a member of the faculty at Blinn College in Brenham, Texas, where she teaches education courses in the Parallel Studies Division and is Director of the Blinn TEACH program. Mrs. Wahrmund holds an associate of arts degree from Blinn College, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity University and a Masters of Education from Texas A&M University. A sixteen-year veteran of the public school system in secondary education, Mrs. Wahrmund served with numerous committees, as English division chairman, coordinating teacher for several student teachers, and as campus technology specialist. In addition, Mrs. Wahrmund received special recognition from the Brenham Independent School District for “Excellent Performance as an Educator.” Mrs. Wahrmund was also responsible for obtaining a grant to fund a library for the Brenham Alternative campus and developed the curriculum for a new project within the Brenham I.S.D., Project Even Start. While at Blinn, Mrs. Wahrmund has served as Humanities Assistant Division Chair and on numerous committees including Save Our Summers, Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment Council, LMS Standards, Distance Education Council, and Data Analysis and is past president of the Blinn Professional Association for the Brenham campus. Currently, she sponsors the Future Teachers Organization in Bryan and is chairman of the state-wide TC3TEP organization, a consortium of community college educators.

Katherine Wickes
Division of Social Sciences, Bryan Campus
Office: A-239, Phone: 979-209-7331
Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Katherine has always been interested in the Why? of Katherine Wickesbehavior. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in psychology from George Mason University, she moved to Texas where she completed her Master's and Doctorate in Developmental Psychology at Texas A&M University. Her research experiences in studying creativity with college students and adolescents gave her a firm appreciation of the challenges found in creating "authentic" assessments. After starting her teaching career at Texas A&M University, Katherine has been teaching at Blinn for 7 years. She currently teaches General Psychology and Life-span Development and enjoys the chance to help students develop a passion for this material. She also works with the Psychology Club and Psi Beta (the National Honor Society for Psychology in Junior Colleges) at Blinn and is the Southwestern Regional Vice President of Psi Beta. Within the Division of Social Sciences on the Bryan Campus, she is also one of the Assistant Division Chairs in charge of the disciplines of Anthropology, Geography, Psychology and Sociology. Outside of Blinn, Katherine spends most of her time with her 3 year old daughter, who is also a huge fan of the Why? of anything.