Residency Status of Students

General Requirements

The Registrar is the final authority on all questions of residency.

Section 54.051(b) of the Texas Educational code requires documentation of residency for persons enrolling in public institutions of higher education. Students may be asked to present proof of residency at the time of initial admission or at any time following registration. A student who believes he/she qualifies for a change of residency status for tuition purposes may file a Change of Residency Appeal. The Change of Residency Request Form and documentation must be filed by the Official Day of Record (twelfth class day of regular semesters and fourth class day of summer semesters) in order to receive any refund of tuition paid. Any documentation submitted after the Official Day of Record will be processed for the next semester.

Residence Classification

Texas Resident - An adult Texas resident is defined as one who has resided continuously within the State of Texas for 12 months immediately prior to his/her original registration. A minor Texas resident is defined as one whose parent(s) or legal guardian has claimed the dependent for federal income tax purposes both at the time of enrollment and for the tax year preceding enrollment. This classification is defined by the State Auditor's Office and must be adhered to by the institution.

In-District – A Texas resident, independent or dependent student whose parent(s) or legal guardian, whom has resided continuously within Junior College District in Washington County 6 months prior to his/her original registration of the attending semester.

Out-of-District - A Texas resident, independent or dependent student whose parent(s) or legal guardian, whom does not qualify as an in-district resident according to the above provisions. Individuals living in the United States under a visa permitting residence must meet the same requirements for qualifying for resident status for tuition purposes as do U.S. citizens. A permanent resident must meet the same length-of-residency requirements as a citizen.

Non-Resident - A non-resident student is defined as one who does not qualify as a Texas resident (out-of-state students, international students, etc.) A nonresident student classification is presumed to be correct so long as the student is in the state primarily for the purpose of attending school. To be reclassified as a resident, after one or more years of residency, the student must show proof of intent to establish Texas as his/her own residency. A student who owns property in the Blinn College area may be eligible for a waiver of out-of-state tuition. Students who believe they are eligible for such waiver must contact the Residency Office.

Written Documentation

The Blinn College District must have on file a copy of two or more dated documents and Change of Residency Request Form which certifies that the student is a Texas resident. Student has legal right to the correct classification by the Official Day of Record of each semester for which the student is enrolling.

Documents acceptable Residency Tuition Re-classification:

  1. Form 1040 Tax Return (1st page only) for Independent Students
  2. Parent’s Form 1040 Tax Return (1st page only) for Dependent Students
  3. Permanent driver's license (at least one year old). Generally, the license expiration date minus date of enrollment should not exceed three years.
  4. Property Tax Addendum or Rental Agreement
  5. Permanent Resident Card

If the above documents are not available for submission, you will need to contact the Residency Office by