International F-1 Transfer College Student

Any student who currently enrolled at another U.S. institution and has a valid F-1 student visa and I-20. This includes students who have an I-20 with a U.S. high school and students enrolled in an authorized English language institute (ELI).

Follow these steps to ensure easier acceptance to Blinn:

Step 1: Apply for Admission and send required admissions documents:

  • Apply for admission online at
    • Apply using name as it appears on your passport.
  • Request your high school and/or previous college(s) to have official transcripts sent to Blinn.
    • All transcripts must be a Certified English Translation.
    • High school transcripts may be sent electronically, faxed, mailed or by person.
      • Emailed high school transcripts will be accepted as official as long as they are received directly from the high school and include the high school’s official coversheet.
      • They must include a completion date. We do not accept exam scores as proof of completion. If your country utilizes a national state exam, we must receive a cover letter from the high school stating completion.
    • College transcripts may be sent electronically, mailed or by person.
      • Blinn College does NOT accept faxed college transcripts.
    • Provide your bacterial meningitis vaccination record taken in the last 5 years.
    • Submit proof of English Proficiency
      • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
        • Internet-based (IBT): 61 or higher
        • Computer-based (CBT): 173 or higher
        • Paper-based (PBT): 500 or higher
      • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
        • 5 or higher
      • Student copies will not be accepted. Scores only accepted directly from ETS or IELTS.
        • Use institution code 6043 for the TOEFL (all campuses send to the same location).
      • College transcripts and exempting SAT/ACT scores may exempt a student from this requirement.
    • Provide a copy of the following immigration documents.
    • Submit Confirmation of Financial Resources.
      • Students must show they currently have the funds available to cover the cost of one academic year.
      • Only original bank documents are accepted. Emails, faxes, or copies are not accepted.
      • Restrictions on the type of accounts and funds apply. See the Confirmation of Financial Resources form for specific instructions.
      • J-2 visa holders may turn in the DS-2019 for this requirement.
    • Have your DSO at your current institution fill out the Blinn Transfer-in form found on the website.
      • We must receive a SEVIS record release date.
      • If you need an acceptance letter prior to receiving a release date, you must notify us by email.
        • Acceptance letters are not issued until your admissions file is complete.

Step 2: Complete the I-20 Finalization Process

  • Submit a $200 non-refundable application fee.
    • Students will be sent an online link via email once all admissions items in step 1 have been completed.
    • Alternatively, you may pay by check drawn from a United States Bank or by money order. All checks/money orders should be made payable to Blinn College.
    • Wire transfer is NOT accepted under any circumstance.
  • Complete a Mandatory International Student Orientation (ISO) registration form.
    • The ISO registration form can be found online.
    • Alternatively, the link will be mailed to you once all of step 1 is complete.  
  • Complete the I-20 Finalization form:
    • Received by email once step 1 is complete.
    • Students should ensure that all information matches their passport information.
    • Failure to fill out this form complete could result in delays in receive the I-20.

Step 3: Receiving your Blinn I-20:

  • Blinn College will issue the Acceptance packet along with the I-20 document.
    • Documents will be sent via whichever method selected on the I-20 finalization.
      • If the mailing option is selected students will receive a tracking number by email once the documents are mailed.
      • Blinn College does not have any control over mail delivery to various locations around the world.
    • If you travel outside the country prior to the start of your term, you must re-enter on your Blinn I-20 and not your previous institution I-20.
      • Failure to enter on Blinn’s I-20 could result in delays at the port of entry. It may also mean that you would have to leave the country and re-enter on the correct I-20 prior to the start of the term.

Step 4: Meet Testing Placement Requirement:

  • Meet the placement requirement by taking the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) Assessment as necessary unless otherwise exempt from developmental requirements.
    • This test is not given outside of the United States. International students can complete this requirement at any Texas higher education institution.
  • Prior to taking the TSI Assessment, students must complete the Blinn TSI pre-assessment activity and provide documentation of completion before taking the TSI Assessment.
  • Provide official Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment scores or official exemption test score documentation.

Step 4: Apply for Housing (If Needed - Brenham Campus only):

  • Once a student has applied and all required admissions documents have been received, the student can apply for housing when the application opens.
  • A $125 nonrefundable application fee is required.
  • International Students have difficulty securing housing on the Brenham campus. Please have alternative plans in place in the event the student is not able to secure housing.
  • Bryan campus students are responsible for securing off-campus housing. There are many options in the area. The International Team does not have a housing option list.

Step 5: Meet with An Advisor:

  • Once a student has applied, turned in all required admissions documents and tested or it has been determined the student is exempt from testing, it is recommended that the student meet with an advisor.
    • For international students this can be done via email by contacting the Advising office.
    • Students can schedule an advising appointment at the International Orientation.

Step 6: Registration:

  • You are now ready to register for classes. For many international students this step may not be completed until they arrive on campus and complete their TSI test and advising.  It is not a problem if you are not able to complete this step until you arrive.  You can look at the Dates and Registration page to see the earliest arrival date and begin making your plans.

Step 7: Attend the Mandatory International Orientation (ISO)

  • All new and transfer international students are required to attend, with no exception or substitution.
    • Failure to attend ISO results in a termination of the I-20.
  • Students will meet with the International Team to review visa and enrollment regulations.
  • Advising will be on site to schedule advising appointments for later in the week.
  • Students must bring to ISO