How to Enroll

All new students and returning students who have not attended Blinn College for one long (fall, spring) semester must apply to the College. Follow this link to apply.
Blinn College is an open-admissions college, however there are requirements that must be met depending on the student's background. Once these requirements are met, the student will be accepted into Blinn College. This page will give you information on what your admissions requirements are based on your incoming situation. With the passing of Senate Bill 1107, students are required to provide documentation regarding their bacterial meningitis vaccination.  Please refer to the following page for detailed information regarding Bacterial Meningitis
The Blinn College, Brenham campus, offers on-campus housing and dining. Go here for more information on housing and board.
The state of Texas requires all students entering a public college or university in Texas to either have taken or be exempt from taking one of the TSI tests. The American College Test (ACT) and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) are not required for admission to Blinn College. Students intending to transfer to a senior college should take the specific test(s) recommended by the senior college. This page will give you information on taking the ACT/SAT and the TSI test or determining if you are exempt from taking a test.
Once a student has applied, turned in all of his/her admissions documents and either been tested or determined exempt from TSI testing, it is recommended the student attend a New Student Orientation (if being offered) and/or be advised. This link will lead you to information on who is required to be advised and how to meet with an advisor.
Now you are ready to register for classes. Click here for information regarding how to register for classes and how to determine what classes are open and available.

Blinn College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability. For information regarding Title IX, ADA, Section 504 and other anti-discrimination coordinators, see the Required Notices link on the Blinn College main webpage.