Keyboard shortcuts for Group Chat

The following table describes the keyboard shortcuts for Group Chat. These shortcut keys provide an alternative way of doing a task.

Keyboard Shortcut Description
ALT+LEFT ARROW Select the previous chat room in My Chat.
ALT+RIGHT ARROW Select the next chat room in My Chat.
CTRL+SHIFT+N Select the closest previous chat room with unread messages in My Chat.
CTRL+N Select the next closest chat room with unread messages in My Chat.
CTRL+SHIFT+J Join a group chat room by name.
CTRL+SHIFT+P Join an IM chat by user name.
CTRL+F Open or close the search bar. The search bar is used to search for text in the message area.
CTRL+I Insert a web link in a message. This action opens the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.
CTRL+SHIFT+F Insert a file in a message.
CTRL+T Send a story.
CTRL+P Print chat room messages.
CTRL+S Save chat room messages to a file.
F5 Refresh the Chat History.
CTRL+L Leave a group chat room. This action also removes the chat room or contact from My Chat.
CTRL+U Show or hide the Participant List.
CTRL+W Close the current chat room.
CTRL+D Anchor or float a chat room.
CTRL+Q Exit Group Chat.

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