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Information Management Student

Concourse syllabi system FAQ

    If a faculty member does not see the section or any sections they are teaching.

    New feeds will be run at least once per day in the morning and maybe again in the late afternoon the week before classes start.

    If the section faculty is set to TBA in Banner, then there will not be any section association in Concourse so the section will not show up under any faculty's assigned courses until they are listed as the instructor in Banner.

    Are the curriculum vitae editable by division chairs?

    No, it is part of the profile of the person and only they can access it.

    What if I accidentally delete a category like Materials, Contact Information, Calendar, etc.?

    You can re-add the category. A deleted category is listed at the top of the syllabus on the left side. It will have a green + sign and the work Add. Click the + sign and it will be added back into the body of the syllabus and then you can edit the content.

    Will course level information including description and student learning outcomes be pre-populated? Will they be editable by faculty?

    Yes, these items are part of the course's Master Course Syllabus and are consistent across all section syllabi. No, they are only editable by division leadership.

    Will division chairs be able to edit their instructor’s syllabi?

    No, only faculty assigned to the section can edit that sections' syllabus.

    Will the syllabi be blocked from public view prior to approval by the department/division reviewer?  Or, is the syllabus available as soon as the instructor creates it?

    For spring 2014, all syllabi will be hidden from the public viewing until the first day of the semester.

    Will reviewers be notified of new syllabus that an instructor has submitted for review? Or, does the reviewer login and have their list of course and just sort the list based on review status?

    Yes, reviewers assigned to each division and department will receive email notifications when a section syllabus is submitted for review. There is also an audit report that can be run to list courses and their current state. In addition, there is an audit trail where suggestions and changes can be noted as a series of notes. This is found under the Audit menu.

    Can the instructors edit after the division chairs have reviewed and approved?

    Yes, the instructors can edit after review. The syllabus is marked as Changed Since Review and chairs would need to re-review.

    Will previous semester’s syllabi be moved over to Concourse?

    Previous semester’s syllabi will stay in the existing system. Fall 2012 syllabi and going forward will reside and stay in Concourse.

    Are we able to attach files to the syllabus.

    Files can be attached to the Master Course Syllabus as a record of Curriculum Committee documentation but section level syllabi do not allow file attachments. These files are not viewable by the students or the public.

    Can I reuse information from previous semesters?

    Yes, The import feature is available at the section syllabus level. It is found under Syllaubus - Import. Then you search and select the section you want to import from. Link to detailed instructions.