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Associate of Science in Mathematics

Program Description: The Associate of Science degree in Mathematics provides students the general education and mathematics courses traditionally taken in the first two years of a mathematics program at a four-year college or university. The Mathematics degree provides flexibility for individual interest while still adhering to the Core Curriculum. Students transferring to another college or university should always consult with an advisor or articulation officer at the receiving institution to ensure a seamless transition.

Course Schedule    Course Descriptions
Semester 1 Min Credits Notes
MATH 2413 - Calculus I 4 Students should consult with an advisor to determine if it is necessary to take one or more mathematics courses (like MATH 1414, MATH 1316, or MATH 2412) before taking Calculus I. FOS Core
COSC 1436 - Programming Fundamentals I 4 FOS
ENGL 1301 - English Composition I 3 Core
SPCH 1311 - Introduction to Speech Communication 3 Or select a course from the Component Area Option section of the Core Curriculum Core
Semester 2 Min Credits Notes
MATH 2414 - Calculus II 4 FOS
ENGL 1302 - English Composition II 3 Core
GOVT 2305 - Federal Government 3 Core
HIST 1301 - United States History I 3 Or select a course from the American History section of the Core Curriculum Core
Creative Arts Core Curriculum Elective 3 Core
Semester 3 Min Credits Notes
MATH 2415 - Calculus III 4 FOS
PHYS 2325 - University Physics I 3 FOS
PHYS 2125 - University Physics I Lab 1 FOS
GOVT 2306 - Texas Government 3 Core
HIST 1302 - United States History II 3 Or select a course from the American History section of the Core Curriculum Core
PHED 1164 - Introduction to Physical Fitness and Wellness 1 Core
Semester 4 Min Credits Notes
MATH 2318 - Linear Algebra 3 FOS
MATH 2320 - Differential Equations 3 FOS
ECON 2302 - Principles of Microeconomics 3 Or select a course from the Social and Behavioral Sciences section of the Core Curriculum Core
PHIL 1301 - Introduction to Philosophy 3 Or select a course from the Language, Philosophy, and Culture section of the Core Curriculum Core
Life and Physical Science Core Curriculum Elective 3 Core
Total Program Hours: 60

Field of Study Course (FOS) in current Blinn inventory of courses are also listed below.

Field of Study courses in the degree are required to be accepted by all Texas public institutions of higher education and must be applied to the student’s degree program in Mathematics at that institution.

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