Resources for Getting a Job

Getting a job starts before actually interviewing.  You must first complete an application and submit a cover letter and resume.  These documents present the employer a first glimpse of you.  If you do not make a good impression with these documents, you will not get an interview.  See below resources to make sure you make the right first impression.

Cover Letter Samples & Resources
Resume Samples & Resources

Great!  You have landed an interview.  Now, what do you do other than get nervous and full of anxiety?  Prepare!  Research the position and company.  Search their entire website. What is the work place atmosphere?  Is it casual or professional?  Are they are growing company?  New or well established?  What are the job duties?  How are you the most qualified individual?  What qualities could you bring to the company?  How could you be an asset to them?  Prepare for possible interview questions.  See the below resources for the next steps.


Congratulations!  You have a job!  If not, review your cover letter, resume, and application.  Review your interview.  What could you have done better?  If nothing, the job just was not meant to be.  Don’t give up!  Try again!