Payment Process for Blinn TEAM and Academy-Bryan Students for students receiving financial aid.

Many co-enrolled students receive scholarships (TAMU and/or external) and/or financial aid. The Texas A&M Scholarship & Financial Aid Office disburses financial aid and scholarship monies to eligible students based on the classes they are enrolled in at both institutions. While the Blinn payment deadline usually occurs prior to financial aid having been disbursed by TAMU, Blinn and TAMU have worked to accommodate our co-enrolled students.

Once students have completed the process of accepting their aid at TAMU, Blinn will place a TEAM TAMU Financial Aid Drop Hold on the students account to keep classes from being dropped for non-payment. This will allow for A&M to process and disburse your aid and you will have until midnight of the posted deadline for TEAM students (listed as TEAM students receiving Financial Aid PAYMENT DUE on the Academic Calendar) to make payments to Blinn.

Students can check this hold by viewing your holds via myBlinn -> click the Personal Information Icon -> click the Student tab (at the top of the page)-> click Student Records - > View Holds. It is recommended that students ensure that this hold has been placed prior to the payment deadline for Blinn. If Blinn has not received word that the student’s aid has been processed by Texas A&M , the student will need to follow up with TAMU to ensure that everything has been turned in. If the hold is not in place prior to Blinn drop for non-payment deadline, then the student’s classes are subject to be dropped for non-payment.  

Please note that if we receive notification from A&M that the student is no longer receiving aid from TAMU, we will remove the hold and students will have 7 days to make payment to Blinn . We will e-mail the student’s Blinn and personal email addresses notifying them of this.

Students will need to ensure that they have completed the process to have their refund direct deposited to ensure that they receive the refund monies in enough time to pay Blinn . 

Note: Texas A&M University does not send money to Blinn .  Students are responsible for ensuring that payment is made by the posted deadlines. 

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