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Mathematics Department FAQ's

May I be forced into a closed section of a Mathematics course (because of work obligations, family obligations, scheduling conflicts, bus route schedules, etc.)?
No.  The Blinn College Mathematics Department does not force students into closed sections.  Administrators are frequently asked by students to make changes to their schedules to accommodate work obligations, family obligations, scheduling conflicts or issues with the bus arrival/departure times.  It is the policy of the Blinn College Mathematics Department to deny these requests as we cannot fairly fulfill them.   Please continue to check myBLINN for seat availability.  Also, be mindful of any drop for nonpayment dates as seats often become available at that time.

May I be forced into my originally scheduled Math class if Blinn College wrongly dropped me?
If Blinn College errs, then it is the policy of the Mathematics Department to place students back into their original schedule.  Please have someone from Enrollment Services contact with a statement that you were dropped erroneously.  Please have them include your Blinn College ID and the CRN of the Math course from which you were dropped.

May I be forced into a Mathematics course once registration is closed?
No.  The last day for registered students to add or change a class has passed.  (See Academic Calendar.)  Students are no longer being enrolled into classes.  Please check myBLINN for the possibility of “late-start” 12-week classes or 2nd 8-week classes that accommodate your schedule.  As always, please be mindful of registration dates and payment deadlines.

What is an 8-week Mathematics course?
An 8-week mathematics course concludes in 8 weeks rather than the traditional 16 weeks in which most courses are completed.  Eight week courses provide students with the opportunity to complete two courses in one semester.  This is accomplished by offering the courses four days per week (Monday – Thursday) rather than the usual two days per week.  The Mathematics Department offers several pairings of 8-week classes according to student need.  All 8-week classes have a section number that starts with the letter “H” such as MATH 1324-H11.  Any student with the proper prerequisite(s) may register for a 1st 8-week course. 

What is the MPE?
Most questions about the Math Placement Exams (MPE) can be answered by visiting the MPE webpage

What instructor is teaching the course?
TBA listed as instructor means that the course has not yet had a specific instructor assigned.  As soon as an instructor is assigned the appropriate name will be listed, until then we cannot answer the question: “What instructor is teaching the course?”.  Remember that it is most important to choose a time and course modality that best fits your schedule and study habits.

How can I be reinstated into a Math class from which I was dropped?
When a student is administratively withdrawn from a course for unexcused absences, the College sends the student an e-mail via their Blinn College e-mail account detailing the reinstatement procedures.  Please check your Blinn College e-mail account to begin your reinstatement process.

Can’t find your question here? Please feel free to contact us with your questions and someone in our Mathematics Department will be in touch with you.