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Reasons to Take Parallel Studies Courses

  1. Raise Your GPA
    According to instructors of freshman level courses, students who take Parallel Studies courses do as well as or better in college credit classes as students who were not required to take Parallel Studies courses.

  2. Save Money
    Students who take the time to develop their skills do not waste time dropping or retaking college credit courses.

  3. Save Time
    Students learn how to use study time more efficiently with better results. The Parallel Studies Department on the Bryan Campus offers parallel studies courses paired with credit courses, designed to help students accelerate their learning by finishing a developmental course sequence in Reading or English and taking a credit course in the same semester.

  4. Build Critical Reading Skills
    According to the 2005 ACT report, the scores of only 51% of 1.2 million test takers indicated readiness for the first year of college reading demands. College textbooks are written on the 13th grade level and above.

  5. Develop College Writing Skills
    Eighty-one percent of employers surveyed said high school graduates lacked adequate written communication skills.
    (Society for Human Resource Management 2006)

  6. International Students: Increase Language Proficiency
    Parallel Studies instructors are available to help ESL students choose the appropriate courses to meet their individual needs.

  7. Develop Student Success Strategies
    Blinn offers three success courses designed to help students be successful in their coursework: